Artesunate Injection 60mg Manufacturers

Introdction of Artesunate Injection 60mg

Artesunate Injection 60mg is a medication used to treat malaria. Its medicinal use is related to malaria. It is not administered for the prevention of malaria nor for the treatment of severe malaria, which involves the brain, lungs, or kidneys.

A healthcare professional administers Artesunate Injection 60mg via injection. Please avoid self-administering. In situations where oral administration is not feasible, it is administered. 

Artesunate Injection 60mg Manufacturers

Lifestyle & Dietary Guidance

  • Consume nourishing foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, to aid in recovery from malarial fever.
  • The patient may experience appetite loss while afflicted with malarial fever. Consume glucose water, fresh fruit infusions, or coconut water in such circumstances.
  • To support digestion, incorporate fruits and green, verdant vegetables, which are rich in fiber.
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol and stimulants from your diet.

Uses of Artesunate Injection


Advantages of a 60-mg Artesunate Injection

Antimalarial medication Artesunate Injection 60mg is used alone or in combination with other drugs to treat malaria, A potentially fatal disease transmitted by an infected mosquito’s bite and carrying a parasite that penetrates the body. It is not advisable to self-administer this medication; a doctor or nurse must do so. Unless specifically instructed otherwise by your doctor, it is not advisable to take this medication or any other antacids at the same time because doing so might reduce its absorption. It should not be used to treat any other condition without first consulting your physician.  

Directions for Use

Artesunate injections will be administered by a healthcare professional; do not self-administer. 

Artesunate Injection 60mg Manufacturers

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