Non-Beta Lactum Range List

1 Doxycycline Inj 10ml Tubular vial+5ml wfi+Vitamin.C5ml Tray+Cover
2 Vancomycin-250 10ml vial+wfi
3 Vancomycin-500 20ml vial+wfi
4 Vancomycin-1000 20ml vial+wfi
5 Vecuronium Bromide
6 Glutathione-600 10ml Tubular vial+5ml wfi+Vitamin.C5ml Tray+Cover
7 Artesunate 60mg 5ml vial+Solvents Tray Pack
8 Artesunate 120 mg 10ml vial+Solvents Tray Pack
9 Hydrocortisone 100mg 5ml vial+wfi
10 Hydrocortisone 200mg 5ml vial+wfi
11 Aciclovir 250 mg 10ml vial+wfi
12 Aciclovir 500 mg 10ml vial+wfi
13 Azithromicin 500 mg 20ml vial+wfi
14 Teicoplanin 200mg Tubular vial+Tray with cover
15 Teicoplanin 400mg Tubular vial+Tray with cover
16 Aztreonam 500mg 20ml vial+wfi+Tray
17 Aztreonam 1000mg 20ml vial+wfi+Tray
18 Aztreonam 250mg 10ml vial+wfi
19 Methyprednisolne sod.succinate 1gm Injection 30ml vial+wfi+Tray
20 Methyprednisolne sod.succinate 500mg Injection 20ml vial+wfi+Tray
21 Methyprednisolne sod.succinate 125mg Injection 10ml vial+wfi
22 Methyprednisolne sod.succinate 40mg Injection 5ml vial+wfi
23 Rabeprazole 20mg 10ml vial+wfi
24 Pantoprazole 40mg 10ml vial+wfi
25 Esomeprazole 40mg 10ml vial+wfi
26 Cerebroprotien Hydrolysate 60mg inj Tubular vial+Tray with cover

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