Ceftriaxone 1gm + Tazobactam 125mg

Ceftriaxone 1gm + Tazobactam 125mg

GENRIC NAME : Ceftriaxone 1gm + Tazobactam 125mg

PACKING : 10ml vial+wfi


Understanding Ceftriaxone & Tazobactam Injection: Antibiotic Duo

Ceftriaxone & Tazobactam is simply a type of medicine that helps when you’re battling a bacterial infection. Imagine bacteria as tiny troublemakers that can invade your body and make you sick. Well, this medicine fights off bacteria.

It’s actually a combination of two drugs: Ceftriaxone and Tazobactam. It’s really good at taking down many different types of bacteria, whether they like oxygen or not. It does this by messing up the bacterial cell wall, which is like their armor. When that armor is damaged, the bacteria can’t survive, and they die off.

Important Precautions and Warnings

• If you’re expecting a child or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor before taking this medicine.
• Be careful with activities like driving, as Ceftriaxone and Tazobactam might make you feel dizzy.
• Follow your doctor’s advice to the letter and complete the entire course of medicine. Don’t stop early, even if you start feeling better.
• Mention to your doctor that you’re taking Ceftriaxone & Tazobactam Injection 1.125gm, before any tests, as it could affect the results of certain tests like urine and sugar test.
• If you’re on a low-sodium diet or about to receive calcium-containing products, give your doctor the heads up.

Interactions with Other Stuff

This medicine can sometimes interact with other things you might be taking.

• Blood Thinners: If you’re using a blood thinner like heparin, be cautious.
• Uric Acid Medications: If you’re taking medications to lower uric acid levels (probenecid), watch out.
• Muscle relaxants: If you need neuromuscular blockers like vecuronium, be sure your doctor knows.
• Cancer Treatment: Methotrexate, an anticancer drug, can interact with Ceftriaxone and Tazobactam.
• Water Pills: Furosemide, a water tablet, and antibiotics like chloramphenicol, gentamicin, and streptomycin can also interact.

Healthy Habits While Using Ceftriaxone & Tazobactam Injection 1.125gm

• After you finish the full course of medicine, consider taking probiotics.
• Foods with fiber, like whole grains, can also help your gut recover from the antibiotic onslaught.
• Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or other fluids.
• Try to steer clear of alcohol while taking this medicine, as it might make the side effects worse.

Summing Up

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