Ceftriaxone 1gm

Ceftriaxone 1gm

GENRIC NAME : Ceftriaxone 1gm

PACKING : 10ml vial+wfi


Ceftriaxone 1gm Injection is an antibiotic. It helps your body fight off harmful bacteria that can make you sick. It’s used to treat different kinds of infections in various parts of your body, such as the brain, lungs, ears, stomach, urinary tract, bones, and more. Ceftriaxone can also be used to treat Lyme disease, which comes from tick bites, and gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease.

Storing Ceftriaxone 1gm Injection

Keep ceftriaxone in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This helps maintain its effectiveness.


• Respiratory Infections
• Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs
• Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
• Bone and Joint Infections
• Meningitis
• Intra-abdominal Infections
• Bloodstream Infections
• Heart Infections
• Gonorrhea
• Lyme Disease

Before Taking Ceftriaxone 1gm Injection

• You’ve recently used products containing calcium.
• You’ve had diarrhea after taking antibiotics before.
• You’ve had bowel inflammation, kidney stones, or other health issues.
• You’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
• You plan to drive, as ceftriaxone might make you feel dizzy.
• You drink alcohol; it’s best to avoid it while taking Ceftriaxone to prevent unpleasant side effects.

Interactions With Other Drugs

Ceftriaxone might interact with certain other drugs, including:
• Furosemide (a diuretic)
• Chloramphenicol (another antibiotic)

Safety Precautions

• Alcohol: It’s a good idea to avoid alcohol while you’re on Ceftriaxone to prevent any unwanted side effects.
• Breastfeeding: If you’re breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking ceftriaxone.
• Liver: If you have concerns about your liver or liver disease, talk to your doctor.
• Kidneys: If you’re worried about your kidneys or have kidney problems, consult your doctor. They will assess whether any dose adjustments are necessary.

Not Habit-Forming

Ceftriaxone is not a habit-forming medicine, so you don’t need to worry about becoming addicted to it.

Special Advice

If you’re taking Ceftriaxone and need certain diagnostic tests, such as a Coombs test (for blood problems), tests for galactosemia (a condition involving galactose sugar), or glucose tests, make sure to tell your doctor. Ceftriaxone can affect the results of these tests. Also, don’t mix or take ceftriaxone at the same time as solutions that contain calcium, including total parenteral nutrition.

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