Ceftriaxone 3gm

Ceftriaxone 3gm

GENRIC NAME : Ceftriaxone 3gm

PACKING : 20ml vail+wfi


Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam Injection 375mg is a powerful medication used to treat bacterial infections. It contains two active ingredients: ceftriaxone, which fights the bacteria causing the infection, and sulbactam, which enhances ceftriaxone’s effectiveness. This injection is commonly used when oral antibiotics are not suitable or when a rapid response is needed. It’s administered by healthcare professionals and can help alleviate a wide range of infections effectively.

Uses of Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam Injection 375mg

  • Treatment of severe bacterial infections like pneumonia, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and skin infections.
  • Management of infections caused by bacteria resistant to other antibiotics.
  • Post-surgery prophylaxis to prevent infections.
  • Treatment of bacterial meningitis, a serious infection affecting the brain and spinal cord.
  • Combating infections in hospitalized patients, especially those with compromised immune systems.

Safety information of using Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam Injection 375mg

When using Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam Injection 375mg, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines:

  • Only use under medical supervision.
  • Adhere strictly to prescribed dosage and schedule.
  • Report any adverse reactions promptly.
  • Store the injection as directed and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Dispose of used needles and syringes properly to prevent accidents.

Ceftriaxone & Sulbactum Injection 375mg Manufacturers

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