Colistimethate 4.5MIU

Colistimethate 4.5MIU

GENRIC NAME : Colistimethate 4.5MIU

PACKING : Tubular vial+Tray with cover


The Colistimethate 4.5MIU Injection is used to treat severe bacterial infections. It is used for treating critically ill patients admitted to the hospital. The main benefit of this medicine is to treat harmful bacterial infection in the body where other medications fail.

This antibiotic should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. The doctor will decide on the dose and time period depending on the severity of the infection. Don’t stop the usage until the doctor recommends to do so.

Benefits of Medicine

Treat Severe Bacterial Infections

Antibiotics, including Colistimethate 4.5MIU Injection, function by eliminating bacteria that could otherwise result in harmful diseases. It’s an effective medication for dealing with a wide variety of bacterial illnesses. You shouldn’t give yourself this injection unless you’re a trained medical professional.

Even though you may start to feel better fast, it is important to finish the whole course of treatment to prevent any bacteria from becoming resistant.

Safety Information

Itching, fever, rash, paraesthesia, and difficulty speaking are only a few of the possible side effects. These symptoms typically subside with treatment as the body responds to the medication. If any of these symptoms persist or cause you distress, you should talk to your doctor.

If you have a history of liver or kidney problems, or if you are allergic to any antibiotics, you should discuss your treatment options with your doctor before taking this medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult with a doctor before using this antibiotic. The doctor may suggest periodic blood tests to check your kidney function and blood drug levels.

Colistimethate 4.5MIU Injection Manufacturers in India

Bacterial Infections can be tough to beat, but Colistimethate 4.5MIU Injection is a powerful solution. Farlex Critical Care, the partner in the fight works hard to provide better health to the people. With our unwavering commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, we strive to provide high-quality medications to all.

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