Farfol-FCM Injection

Farfol-FCM Injection

GENRIC NAME : Ferric Carboxymaltose Injection

PACKING : 500mg/10ml


    • Combines The Positive Characteristics Of Iron Dextran And Iron Sucrose But Is Not Associated With Dextran-induced Hypersensitivity Reactions.
    • Flexible Dosing: Slow Iv Injection For Dose Up To 200mg And Infusion For Dose Up To 100mg
    • Convenient Single Total Dose Infusion (up To 15mg/kg Or Max. 1000mg Once A Week)
    • Infusion Time Of 15 Minutes (for 500-1000mg) Reduces Administration Time
    • No Test Dose Is Required
    • Safe & Effective in Different Indications

Ferric Carboxymaltose injections are very important for treating iron shortage, which is a problem that affects people all over the world. These injections are a powerful way to boost iron levels and help people who have anemia or other diseases related to iron deficiency. It is a quick and effective way to get the iron you need into your system when given intravenously. This way guarantees fast absorption and use by the body, making it perfect for people who have trouble taking iron supplements by mouth or who need to quickly raise their iron levels.

In addition to being effective, these shots have a great safety record. Patients can handle them well, which lowers the chance of side effects that are common with other iron therapies.

Why use Ferric Carboxymaltose injections?

The injection is used for treating iron deficiencies in the body.

Benefits of Medication

FERRIC CARBOXYMALTOSE, a member of the anti-anaemic medicine group, is a targeted remedy for iron deficiency anaemia. Specifically tailored for patient’s intolerant to oral iron supplements and suffering from non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease, it contains ‘ferric carboxymaltose.’
This key component serves as a vital source of iron, playing a pivotal role in oxygen transport throughout the body and the generation of red blood cells.

Direction to Use Ferric Carboxymaltose Injections

Only a healthcare professional should give you this medication; don’t try it yourself. Rely on the guidance of a medical expert for safe and effective use.

Storage of the Medicine

Store this medicine away from sunlight

Other Precautions and Warnings

Medical Warnings

Avoid taking this medication if you’re allergic to any of its parts, have non-iron deficiency-related anemia, excess body iron, or issues with iron utilization. Inform your doctor about conditions like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, severe asthma, infections, low phosphorus, high blood pressure, or kidney/liver problems. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor. Not suitable for children under 14. Share your current medications, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, or herbal products, with your doctor before starting this medication to ensure safe usage. Always prioritize open communication with your healthcare provider for the best guidance.

How Drugs Interact?

It is not recommended to take oral iron products with this medication because they lose some of their effectiveness.

Food and Drug Interactions: No interactions were found or formed.

Drug-Disease Interactions: Let your doctor know if you have high blood pressure, hypophosphatemia (low phosphate levels), or an iron storage or intake disease.


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