Piracetam 15ml

Piracetam 15ml

GENRIC NAME : Piracetam 15ml

PACKING : 4*15ml Amp


Piracetam 15ml

Explore Piracetam 15ml from Farlex Critical Care, a trusted pharmaceutical manufacturer in India. Piracetam is a nootropic medication known for its cognitive-enhancing properties and neuroprotective effects.

Our Piracetam 15ml is produced under stringent quality standards in advanced facilities, ensuring safety and efficacy. Farlex Critical Care is committed to delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals across India.

Key Benefits:

  • Cognitive Enhancement: Piracetam improves cognitive function and memory.
  • Neuroprotective: Helps protect the brain from damage and supports overall brain health.
  • High-Quality Production: Manufactured in ISO and GMP certified facilities.
  • Trusted Provider: Farlex Critical Care is a reputable name in the pharmaceutical industry.


Piracetam 15ml is indicated for the treatment of cognitive disorders and as an adjunct therapy in neurological conditions.

Why Choose Farlex Critical Care?

  • We are recognized among the top Injectable Pharmaceutical Companies in India.
  • We offer superior quality products and comprehensive support to healthcare professionals.
  • Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable and effective treatments.

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