Teicoplanin 400mg

Teicoplanin 400mg

GENRIC NAME : Teicoplanin 400mg

PACKING : Tubular vial+Tray with cover


Teicoplanin 400mg injection is a helpful medicine that fights against those pesky bacteria causing various infections in our bodies. These infections can affect different parts like our bones, joints, lungs, urinary tract, belly wall (peritonitis), and even our heart (endocarditis). Bacteria are tiny creatures that can make us sick if they multiply too much in our bodies. They release toxins that can damage our tissues and make us feel unwell. But don’t worry, Targocid 400 mg injection is here to save the day!

How Teicoplanin 400mg Injection Works?

It contains teicoplanin, which is like a superhero against bacteria. It stops these bad bacteria from building strong walls around themselves. Imagine it like this: it pokes holes in their walls, and that’s how it defeats them. So, by using Teicoplanin 400mg injection, we can treat infections and stop them from spreading.

How to Use Teicoplanin 400mg Injection?

You should never try to give yourself. Let a healthcare pro handle it.

Special Precautions and Warnings

• Allergies: Before using Teicoplanin 400mg injection, tell your doctor if you’re allergic to another antibiotic called ‘vancomycin.’
• Medicines and Hearing/Kidney: Let your doctor know if you’re taking any medicines that might affect your hearing or kidneys.
• Low Platelet Count: If you have a condition called “thrombocytopenia,” where you have a low platelet count, inform your doctor.
• Red Man Syndrome: If you’ve ever experienced something called ‘red man syndrome,’ which makes the upper part of your body turn red and flushed, make sure to mention it to your doctor.
• Doctor’s Advice: Always use Teicoplanin 400mg injection under your doctor’s guidance. Don’t use it on your own, as this can lead to antibiotic resistance.
• Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using this injection.
• Dizziness: This medicine might make you feel dizzy, so be cautious when driving or operating heavy machinery.


• Aminoglycoside antibiotics: These are medications used to treat bacterial infections. Teicoplanin 400mg injection can interact with them.
• Drugs for Fungal Infections (Amphotericin): Teicoplanin 400mg injection might interact with them.
• Medications that Affect Your Immune System (Ciclosporin): Teicoplanin Injection can have interactions with these.
• Cancer Medicines (Cisplatin): Teicoplanin injection might interact with them.
• Medicines for Excess Body Fluid (Furosemide): These are medications used to remove excess fluid from the body. If you’re taking drugs like furosemide, it’s crucial to inform your doctor, as Teicoplanin injection can interact with them.
• Etacrynic Acid: Etacrynic acid is another medication used to remove excess fluid. If you’re prescribed etacrynic acid, make sure to let your doctor know about it. Teicoplanin 400mg injection can interact with this medicine too.

Summing Up

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