Ulinastatin 100000 IU

Ulinastatin 100000 IU

GENRIC NAME : Ulinastatin 100000IU

PACKING : Tubular vial+Tray


Ulinastatin 100000 IU Injection is a medication used to treat severe infections and pancreatitis. It reduces the pain, inflammation, and cell injury caused by these conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional prior to use and adhere to their instructions for optimal results and safety.

Uses of the Ulinastatin 100000 IU Injection

This medicine is used to treat:
1. Sepsis: Sepsis is a serious infection-related complication with symptoms like an irregular heart rate, fever, difficulty breathing, and confusion. It can lead to organ failure or tissue damage.
2. Acute pancreatitis: sudden inflammation of the pancreas, from mild to severe


Common Questions:
• Habit-forming: This medicine is not habit-forming.
• Pregnancy: Not recommended during pregnancy unless necessary; discuss risks and benefits with your doctor.
• Breastfeeding: Not recommended during breastfeeding unless necessary; discuss with your doctor.
• Pediatric Use: Not recommended for those under 18.
• Intravenous Administration: Should be given as a slow infusion, not as a bolus or IV push.
• Liver Diseases: Caution for those with liver disease; monitor and adjust as needed.


• Missed Dose: Unlikely, considering that a professional is giving it in a hospital.
• Overdose is unlikely, but a doctor will treat you if you suspect it.

General Instructions

• Only a qualified healthcare professional should administer this medicine.
• Tell your doctor about any allergies.
• Inform your doctor of all your current medications and medical conditions.

Drug Interactions

It’s important to note that how drugs interact can vary from person to person. Therefore, always consult your doctor before starting any new medication.

Interaction with Alcohol

• Description: We’re not sure how this medicine interacts with alcohol. To be safe, talk to your doctor before consuming alcohol while using this medication.
• Instructions: It’s best to consult your doctor about alcohol consumption while on this medication.

Interaction with Other Medicines

Be cautious when taking this medicine with the following:
• Abacavir
• Clomipramine
• Clarithromycin
• Aminophylline

Ulinastatin 100000 IU Injection Manufacturers in India

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